ITEEA Awards

Each year the MTEEA helps to recognize educators who have provided leadership in the field of Technology and Engineering Education.

Outstanding leaders are encouraged to consider the awards listed below for consideration by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA)

The Firefly Award (1980-2007)

The Firefly Award was the mark of recognition by LITE, the prior incarnation of MTEEA. The dedicated individuals who have made a difference in the lives of students and other professionals are listed below.

Past Firefly Award recipients:

Dan Anderson: Northview High School
Amy Balog: Bloomfield Hills Middle
Charles Basset: Spring Lake High School
Dave Berdish: Ford EFHD
Kathleen Betrus: Lincoln Consolidated Schools
Georgia Bingham: Novi Meadows Elementary
Al Birkholz: Bloomfield Hills Middle
David Blatt: Wixom Elementary
Kathy Bodine: Franklin Elementary
Lynne Boes: Bloomfield Hills Middle School
Robert Boyer: Churchill High School
Greg Briggs: Wylie Middle School
Linda Bryant: Grand View Elementary
Peggy Byars: Fowlerville Community Schools
Phillip Cardon: Eastern Michigan University
Keith Caterino: Kelloggsville Middle School
Sue Charron: Kreeger Elementary
David Cole U of M – Transport Research Institute
Julie Cook: West Elementary
Grace Damerow: Fowlerville Community Schools
Amy DeYoung: West Elementary
Doug Dodd: Greenville Middle School
Robert Engler: Byron Center Middle School
Demaris Farah: Oakland Schools
Laurie Ford: Munn Middle School
Diane Frank: Wood Creek Elementary
Sue Galayda: Conant Elementary
Dr. Roberta Glaser: St. Johns Public Schools
Linda: Goldin: LITE Layout Editor
Charles Gosdzinski: Dondero High School
Linda Gostomski: Coolridge Intermediate
Gary Graff: Scarlett Middle School
Dan Graham: East Grand Rapids High School
Kathy Gregory: Central Woodlands School
Carol Griffin: Kreeger Elementary
Liz: Guzniczak: University Hills Elementary
Larry Hand: Forest Hills Northern High School
Carol Haworth: Webber Elementary
Al Henrion: Pinconning Area Schools
David Hood: Concord Community Schools
Kathy Hopper: Spring Mills Elementary
Jean Innes: University Hills Elementary
Jerry Jennings: Home
John Kaminska: Clague Middle School
Sharon Keller: Commerce Elementary
Tom King: East Lansing High School
Michael Klann: AberdeenTech Math Academy
Michael Klavon: Holland High School
Lyn Kmiec: Pembroke Elementary
Louisa Kniivila: Hiller Elementary
Diane Kosuda: Brooklands Elementary
Dale Kropf: Fairview Elementary
Mozell Lange: Mich Dept of Ed
Laura LaPointe: Munn Middle School
Sheila Larson: Fowlerville Community Schools
Dr. James Levande: MI Dept of Ed Consultant
Dr. Alastair Livesey: Ovshinsky Science Lectures
Franzie: Loepp: Center for Math/ Science Tech
Lee Ann Lowery: Spring Mills Elementary
Barbara Lyndrup: Byron Center High School
Lyla Martin: Challenger Elementary
Jim Mayer: North Middle School
Keri McQueen: Webber Elementary
Bill Meeuwsen: Zeeland High School
David Miller: Home
Judith Miller: Pattengill Middle School
Kit Moran: Lincoln High School
Laura Morrisson: Aberdeen Tech Math Academy
Ron Mulka: Lincoln High School
Chris Nielsen: Vicksburg Middle School
Carol Nordby: Lincoln Consolidated Schools
Joe Nuzzo: Lincoln High School
Don O’Connor: Hanover-Horton High School
Tom Ochs: Petosky High School
Tom Ogle: Warner Middle School
Sharon Oliver-Merchant: Brace Lederle Elementary
Matt Pagnani: Bloomfield Hills Middle School
Jim Partridge: Summerfield Schools
Pat Pillot: Harding Elementary
John Prisciandaro: Covington Middle School
Deb Riolo: Kent Career Tech Center
Judy Ross: Pine Tree Elementary
Mary Anne Ryan: Kenowa Hills Middle School
Ernie Savage: Bowling Green University
Lee Schaude: Great Lakes Training Systems
Vicky Shaw: Gill Elementary
Dr. Naomi Stasak: Brewster Elementary
Sharon Staton: H.T. Smith Elementary
Howard Stob: Aberdeen Tech Math Academy
Ron Strater: Thornapple Kellogg High School
Christine Strevel: Aberdeen Tech Math Academy
Douglas Sullivan: Ottawa Area I.S.D.
Laura Sullivan: Douglas Elementary
Marsha Teater: Challenger Elementary
Mary Tiell: Wixom Elementary
Don Tippin: Stockbridge Middle School
Barbara: Todd: Aberdeen Tech Math Academy
Karla Uhrig: Kent Career Tech Center
Dorothy Van Looy: Michigan Dept. of Education
Charles Vaughn: Otto Middle School
Colleen Verch: Pierce Elementary
Larry Wallace: Hudsonville High School
Pat Ward: Coolidge Intermediate
Helen Weil: Sandburg Elementary
Robert Westcott: Redner Elementary
Tracy Westra: Woodside Elementary
Ken Whitcomb: Byron Center High School
Linda Williams: Otto Middle School
Dennis Zaleski: Farmington High School

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